New Managers of Winter Harbour Marina and RV

We are Don and Julia McCoid, the New Managers of Winter Harbour Marina and RV.

We feel, we have “big shoes to fill” but also know and trust that every one of us brings our own traits and skills to a job, to make a place thrive and be vibrant.

Enthusiastic fishermen, taking pride in doing a good job whatever that might be, open to feedback about what the Marina is needing to make it a place you want to come back to, and delighted to meet you all: this is who we are.

Your comments about us taking on the job of managing the Winter Harbour Marina, in your first emails to us, touched our hearts. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly.

Here is a little bit of information about us and our children:

Don’s Fishing History
I started salmon fishing in 1978 when I realized I could catch 10-12 lb Coho salmon on my Kamloops trout gear.
I then fished Campbell River, mainly buck-tailing, for the prolific Coho.
In the mid-80’, I went 3-4 times/year, in summer, to Rivers Inlet where I learned to motor mooch.
After getting excited about catching 40-50 lbs. Chinook, on a 9’ graphite fly rod and a Hardy fly reel with 12’ test line, I started to migrate to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to motor mooch in Tofino and Bamfield. In 1995, I started fishing at Winter Harbour where I experienced “dream-like” fishing and crabbing. My family and I loved it so much that we never left for “greener pastures”.

All of our children grew up with the thrill and excitement of fishing in Winter Harbour (our oldest daughter started in Tofino), be it catching double-headers of Chinook to trying to get 100 lb Halibut off the bottom. And we all still wait, patiently, for the “bite to come on” and to hear the “zing” of the fly reel.

Don’s background and experience

  • “Don of all trades”
  • fishing guide
  • self-employed for 40 years, building and developing property
  • skilled in carpentry and as an equipment operator
  • good at helping people
  • hard-working, innovator, ambitious, problem-solver, enthusiastic, goal and results-oriented
  • happiest when he can share the bounty with family and friends
  • available to share his knowledge re: the way he fishes, cleans the fish, smokes it, etc.
  • the new manager of the Winter Harbour Marina and RV Resort
  • motto: you get out of life what you put in

Julia’s background and experience

  • a student and a teacher for 60 years (and still learning)
  • cared (with Don) for my mother and International students for the past 15 years
  • retired in June 2022 from teaching
  • started a new adventure in December 2022 @ the Winter Harbour Marina and RV co-managing with Don
  • hard-working, patient, helpful, thoughtful, kind, resourceful, meticulous, friendly
  • loves cooking, cleaning, fishing, reading, exercising, and learning new facts about healthy living and willing to share her knowledge; and lately loves the Excel program, mainly spreadsheets that come to you in the form of invoices
  • have been fishing with Don for the past 30 years (and with our children) 


Comments 5

  1. Very happy you have chosen to manage Winter Harbour Marina. Looking forward to meeting you both. This will be my third year fishing at Winter Harbour.

    1. Post
  2. Hello and welcome, Julia and Don
    I’ve been fishing Winter Harbour for over 15 years now, coming in from Campbell River. Looking forward to meeting you soon, maybe later this week.
    Larry Merriman

  3. We had the pleasure of staying at Winter Harbour Marina recently for a brief stay.
    We found the managers, Julia and Don extremely accommodating, welcoming and very informative of the area.
    We absolutely loved our Winter Harbour experience.
    It’s such a charming & quaint boardwalk community, local trails with some amazing old growth trees and beautiful west coast beaches near by.
    We are both looking forward to returning to Winter Harbour.

  4. We recently had the pleasure of staying at Winter Harbour Marina and RV Park. Julia and Don were wonderful hosts! They work hard to make your stay enjoyable and are a pleasure to connect with. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. We won’t forget you or the beauty of Winter Hatbour and Northern Vancouver Island. Highly recommend!

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